360 Degree Virtual Tours

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Tour


1. Increase visibility and rank higher on Google

Research has shown that Google My Business listings that have a virtual tour, as well as photos tend to rank higher than their local competitors. It also raises the possibility of ranking in the Local Pack, that all important, highly visible portion of the Goolge search results you can see below.


Virtual Tour on Google Local Pack


This is typically because users spending more time on a Google listing that has 360 images. This in turn tells Google that people are interested in the business, thus ranking the listing higher.

Local SEO can be a misunderstood element of online ranking for local Businesses. Most owners don’t see the importance of investing in a good local SEO strategy because the results of SEO are not always black and white. It usually takes a minimum of 3 months to see actual results, and most people that don’t control their Google My business (GMB) listing are not even aware that they can track the results of their Local SEO campaign.

As you can see below, GMB has its own version of Google Analytics, and by looking at this data you’ll see the value of local SEO and how much this can be improved by the inclusion of virtual tours.


Virtual tours increase online engagement.

By having a call to action button (Book Now, Contact Us etc) on your GMB page, you’re already helping your future customers in the right direction. By adding a virtual tour to a GMB, businesses can see an increase of 85% in their online bookings, in certain sectors.

The theory here is that you’re helping your visitors understand your shop, restaurant, business or products by showing them a global overview through your virtual tour. These visitors are then more likely to engage directly from your GMB page since they are already on it.


Social Media

A small part of the Local Results algorithm considers the social signals of your company or brand. If you have people engaging with your content, sharing pictures on different platforms, then Google will find you, and it will conclude that you’re important to the community.

Fortunately, there are platforms that can combine virtual tours and social/business posts.
Facebook and LinkedIn are perfect for this.

By posting a virtual tour on your Facebook or LinkedIn page (easily done by just pasting a link), you allow everyone that hasn’t gone through Google to analyse your business, and also see the interior of your business too. This can increase your reach and the interaction with visitors.

2. Shows your business personality

One key feature of a 360 degree virtual tour is that it provides a great representation of your brand at first glance.  The majority of direct searches looking for your business will be greeted with a virtual tour that immediately shows off your company’s personality.

For instance, if you own a sports bar and have your local team’s memorabilia displayed on the walls, people will know that your place is devoted to that team. A valuable marketing signal.

Perhaps you own a hair salon. If your virtual tour shows off your tiled floor, leather studded chairs and contemporary lights hung from the ceiling, they’ll immediately get a taste of your brand identity without having to read too much. This more easily attracts customers that identify with your business through an authentic, genuine channel.

3. Increase transparency and trust

Adding a virtual tour to your business says a lot more than just your personality.  You’re not just telling people about your business or products, you’re showing them. They’re free to wander (virtually) wherever they want within the tour we create. This demonstrates that your company is open, honest and transparent about its space without just saying so.

Imagine how effective this is for event spaces, like theatres, galleries, meeting rooms etc. A full 360 tour of the venue and the amazing 3D ‘dollshouse’ view let’s potential customers get a real feel for how large your event space is, and whether it’s suitable for them. People know exactly what they’re getting by choosing your business.

4. Providing people with what they need

Generation Z and Millennials make up majority of today’s internet users. They learn about products mostly through social media and search. Generation Z reportedly have an attention span of just 8 seconds! But within that short attention span the brain has already processed the visual impact of your virtual tour, so it’s possible to grab thier attention if you use the right content.

Today’s internet users are more receptive to content that shows them what they’re missing and allows them to interact. People are attracted to content they can touch, visualize and quickly understand. A virtual tour addresses these needs, so you’ll see stronger results in your digital marketing.

5. Let non-local prospects experience your business

One key thing that your virtual tour can do, (especially if it’s linked to Google StreetView) is to give non-local prospects the ability to tour your property or business space. This is also true for people who may have mobility issues.

Giving non-local prospects the ability to tour your space refines their search and helps them feel more confident in the decision to visit in person.

6. Double interest in your business

According to Google, virtual tours on listings increase interest by 100%. That statistic pretty much speaks for itself. And it’s not hard to see why, given the many reasons we’ve already discussed can lead to increased interest in a business simply for having virtual content on their website, social media or GMB listing.

Who wouldn’t want to double interest in their business by publishing a virtual tour to Google just one time?

7. Help customers make informed decisions

A virtual tour is a key research tool for users. It allows them to refine their search more easily and make an informed decision about your business.

If you own a restaurant, users can very quickly understand the atmosphere you have. Or if you own a wedding venue, the bride and groom may be browsing your space to get a feel for the size and layout of the reception hall.

As an Estate agent imagine the time you can save by not having to show people around properties that they’ve decided they don’t like within 5 minutes of arriving. With a virtual tour, they’re already warm leads. They’ve seen the property already, so there buying intent is there.

In addition, our virtual tours come with YOUR branding and contact details. No matter where they see the tour, they know who to come back to.

8. Attract more customers

Nearly everyone searches for a business online before making a decision. If they have a virtual tour at their disposal, you’re more likely to attract them to your business. This applies to those that aren’t local, because they’ve had a chance to ‘look around’ already.

There are no barriers for people who are immobile or across the country. You offer a connection that reaches even more customers than just those people in your town, city or county.