The Website Design Process

Website Design Process

What’s involved in the website design process & where does my money go?


Initial Design

We need to?choose colours, fonts and graphics so they work with your brand and match your other marketing?material.


Page Layout

Content, headers, footers, sidebars and social media icons need to be chosen?to provide the best possible chance of converting visitors into clients.


Structure & Useability

Navigation & conversion. Content needs to be such that it persuades visitors to take action on your website ? Give you a call, book a room?or fill in that form etc.



Your website will need good quality code that loads?quickly, provides great functionality, doesn’t crash and functions as expected.


There?s no point in having a great website if no one can find it. This means?research, back linking, and content creation to ensure you have the right content to attract visitors’ attention.


Regardless of whether you have your own photos, need them taken, or simply want to use stock images they still have to be resized, retouched and organised.



Tablets and smartphone users will soon make up the bulk of the people looking at your website. We?ensure your website looks great on all devices.


Go Live

A whole bunch of techy stuff has to be carried out?before we make?sure everything is working correctly – your website is visible on the web and stays that way!


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