FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We believe there’s no such thing as a stupid question.
These are some of the common things we’re asked, but if you have a question that’s not answered here, get in touch.


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How do I make my website mobile friendly?

If your current website has failed Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test?it?will not rank as highly in the search results as it?would, had it passed.

From a technical perspective, it’s a little time consuming to fix this.

We won’t bore you with the details, but things like photos, tables, forms and all sorts of other stuff has to be automatically resized and reformatted when it’s displayed on a phone or tablet.
This basically means we have to completely re-write your website, to ensure it looks and functions just as well on a mobile device, as it does on a PC.

Luckily, from a user’s perspective, it’s dead simple! All you need to do is ask us to fix things for you.

How much will it cost to make my website mobile friendly?

This is slightly more difficult to answer, as it depends on your current website’s size and complexity.

If you want your new mobile-friendly site to have the same content and ‘feel’ to it, as the old one, then things are going to be cheaper than if we have to come up with new content from scratch.

As a guide, we would suggest the cost will be around 50% of the cost of a completely new site.
This may sound a lot, but given that half your traffic could be coming from mobile devices, this will be money well spent.

Do I need to stay with my current host?

You can stay with your current host, or move to hosting with us, it doesn’t make too much difference.
As long as we can access the back end of your site, we can do whatever needs to be done.

The main advantage of moving to our host is that it gives us control over reliability and immediate access to Tech Support, should any problems occur.

Is is difficult to transfer my hosting?

In a word – No.

There’s a few things that need to be done behind the scenes, but this should not take long and will cost very little.
We will guide you through every step.

Will you change how my website looks?

If you just want your current site to be made mobile-friendly, we can leave the content?and layout the same – unless, of course you want us to change things.
If you want a?site?update, or improve the site’s SEO we can change everything, if needed.
We would work with you to ensure the content works from a technical, aesthetic and SEO perspective, before anything goes live.

Will I loose my current Google ranking if you take over hosting my site?

Essentially, the answer is no.

As long as your URL (web address) stays the same, your ranking will continue.
It’s much more likely that your Google ranking will improve, if you commission a website from us, because we build quality SEO in from the ground up.

Will I loose my emails or bookings if I transfer my hosting?

All your emails and data from 3rd party companies reside?on?their servers, not on your website.
This means everything will still be accessible, if you transfer to us.

As with all these things, it’s always sensible to make backups of important information, before making any big changes. ?We’re more than happy to help you through this process, if required.

How long will my site be down for if I transfer my hosting?

The actual transfer process should happen very quickly, so there is minimal disruption.
It’s best to assume a maximum downtime of 24 hrs, just to be safe, but it’s?normally significantly less than this.

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