We built a portfolio of exclusive luxury properties across some of the most desirable resorts in the world. In Europe, we cover from the snowy white Alps of Switzerland France and Italy, via Portugal, Spain and the Canneries, Austria, Germany, all the way to the sandy white beaches, islands and resorts of beautiful Greece. In Asia and Oceania, we offer stunning locations in Sri-Lanka, Bali, Thailand, New-Zealand and the Maldives, In the Middle-East from Dubai to Tel-Aviv and Caesarea, in the Pacific some amazing properties in Tulum, Porto Rico & Caribbean’s.
Within our collection are intimate, beautifully furnished three-bedroom apartments centrally located, through to award-winning chalets, multi-bedroom lavish villas with swimming pools and ancient castles.
Our careful choices, sustained by unique relationships with the homeowners and keepers, enable us to build a strong network and extensive travel knowledge-base, to connect travellers to an attractive and vibrant collection of properties, each one carefully selected for its stunning location, exquisite service, and distinctive approach.
So, whether you are a small family or a bigger tribe, a large corporate group or a professional workshop, group of friends or just the two of you…We have a suitable option with the perfect fit to your requirements for yet another opportunity of unforgettable time together.
As a growing, dynamic business, we enjoy the benefit of retaining key staff to ensure that our service level is among the highest in the industry. Please contact our sales team to discuss your next holiday. Cheers!